Real Happy Mom Tribe
Toni-Ann Mayembe

We're creating a community for busy working moms.

Toni-Ann Mayembe

We're creating a community for busy working moms.

About Us

Hey there. I'm Toni-Ann, founder of the Real Happy Mom Tribe, and facilitator of this group. I created this space for us because the role of a working mom is tough. With the expectations, pressure, and mom guilt, I wanted a safe space to share ideas, get honest feedback, and cultivate connections with a group of moms that get it. As a full-time dentist and reservist in the Navy I understand the struggle of trying to juggle it all. Through the RHM Tribe I facilitate conversations on time management and self-care and so much more.

Why You Should Join Us

The RHM Tribe is an online membership community for working moms who want to thrive in both their jobs and motherhood. The RHM Tribe is a safe space for you to learn ways to manage your home and life better and get honest feedback and support when needed.

As a member, you will also receive...

  • A private space for you to get honest answers to questions without the worry of your nosey Facebook friends finding out. 

  • Access to a member directory where you can find and connect with members with children the same age as yours or in your local area.

  • Access monthly challenges with real prizes.

  • Access to our community app that allows you to keep up with weekly content on the go.

  • The ability to private message members and grow real relationships.

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